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The Lous Return to WOE and Lovedraft's!

March has been a WHIRLWIND! Whew! Thank you to everyone who came out to World Oddities Expo in Richmond, VA AND Creature Feature Weekend!!! We had such a blast! Seriously, from the bottoms of our little clown hearts, thank you <3

We have two killer shows coming up in April!

April 15 and 16 - We are back at World Oddities Expo, this time in Philly, PA! And once again alongside our friends in thedestructprinciple.

April 28 - We return once again to Lovedraft's Brewing Co in Mechanicsburg, PA! And we are once again getting down alongside Vision Video (we're so sorry friends.) Doors at 6pm!

I do hope to utilize this more for general blog posting, in the future, but not the to distant future, you know, the relatively closer future but that's still a comfortable amount away for me to procrastinate.

Anyway, as a creature that snuck into my room one night once whispered, wetly, into my ear would say...

the pickles are good, yes?

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